May 16

Spring Attractions in Georgia

Atlanta Skyline - Uncommon Athens
Spring is finally upon us, meaning more pleasant weather and outdoor activities. Georgia has plenty of activities to enjoy with friends and family. From enjoying the scenery of the Atlantic coastline to being part of the energy of Atlanta there will be something for every college student. Below I will list some great springtime destinations and events for you to enjoy.

Nov 15

Happy Friendsgiving!


Friendsgiving header

We’re all tired of getting the usual “so who are you dating now” and “what are you going to do with your major” questions at Thanksgiving dinner. If you don’t get these, then you for sure get asked about all the questionable posts on social media. Luckily, a new and uncommon trend of “Friendsgiving” has caught fire among our generation, where no one is actually interested in who you’re dating this year. On the days before Thanksgiving with the family, friends gather around a table of non-traditional dinner foods and celebrate their friendship. You don’t even have to dress up for grandma and grandpa…sweatpants are perfectly acceptable here.





Thanksgiving has always been a time to go home and celebrate what we are thankful for with our family. Our parents make the turkey, pumpkin pie, assortment of casseroles and much more. All we ever have to do is watch the little children and twiddle our thumbs while the adults do the preparing and cooking. Now, it’s our turn to be in charge. We get to put on the apron and chef’s hat, which means we can choose the meal, whether it be homemade pizza or stick with traditional turkey and stuffing. It’s also our time to be more sophisticated and put a “family” meal together ourselves and watch it actually succeed.

Literal Friends Giving

This is the way we do things here at Uncommon Athens. Different, non-traditional, and “Friendsgiving” are definitely in our vocabulary. So this year, before you get bombarded with all those “loving” questions, have a relaxing and sophisticated “Friendsgiving” with the people who are your family that you can choose.

Happy Thanksgiving from Uncommon Athens!


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Oct 15

How Well Do You Know UGA Alumni?

Oct 15

Show Us Your #UncommonAthens

Show us your #UncommonAthens. We can all agree that UGA is the best university in the country, so it is a no-brainer that Athens, GA is the best city in the country.  The townies live and breathe the city, and others envy it. Athens is a town full of rich history and new beginnings.  The freshman and “newbies” that come here have a chance to re-establish themselves in a town that is exhilarating and unpredictable as much as it is opportunistic and hard-working. UGA Arch Photo Credits:

A wide eyed puppy taking on the world wet nose first—that is what it’s like to be the new kid in Athens. Believe us, we know.  Just ask all of the incoming freshman classes. There ain’t nowhere finer in the land to make your mark.  What many people don’t know is that there is more to Athens and UGA than meets the eye.  Athens is uncommon. It has uncommon traditions such as walking around the arch because you want to graduate on time.  Then, seeing underclassmen walking under the arch and hoping they can still graduate after cursing themselves.  Also, getting in line to ring the victory bell after a Bulldawg win and then maybe ringing it one more time after acing your finals. uga-bell Photo Credits:

We challenge you to show us how you see Athens as an “Uncommon” City.  It could be a picture of a “Uncommon” part of town or a video of you and your friends celebrating an “Uncommon” UGA or Athens Tradition. Submit your picture or video to with a brief description you would like to add. We will post your photo or video to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and the photo/video that receives the most likes will win a $250 Gift Card! We will post the selected pictures on Wednesday, October 14th and will announce the winner on Friday, October 16th.

Sep 15

Athens, I Love You.

Why is Athens the perfect city for the Uncommoner?

The Music Scene

Athens has one of the most thrilling music scenes in the country. On any given night, there are a number of performers playing at any the hundred music venues Downtown.  And You never quite know who is going to be the next “Big Thing”.



Family and Friends

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“It’s Saturday In Athens”

There is nowhere in the land that knows how to do Football Gamedays like Athens, GA. When there is a UGA Football Game it is ONLY Saturday in Athens. Everywhere else it might as well be Sunday.

Dawg Nation

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The Creativity

You can’t find a more creative town than Athens. From the Lyndon House to Prince Avenue and Normal Town to UGA’s Lamar Dodd College of Arts and Design, you can’t find a better arts scene than Athens, GA.

Straight out of normal town

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A place where with a little exploration, you might find something absolutely brilliant. So, that is why we ask, why settle for the normal and ordinary living? Why not embrace the Uncommon and take part in an exciting new experience? Live Uncommon Athens.

Stay Uncommon Athens

Sep 15

Embrace the Unfamiliar. Live Uncommon Athens.

Sep 15

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