About Uncommon

There are those who are content with conventional. They appreciate the accepted and are satisfied with the ordinary. They are fulfilled by the familiar and accustomed to the customary. There are those who are comfortable with common.
Then there are the Uncommon.
With just over 200 residents, Uncommon offers reprieve from the massive complexes where it’s all too easy to get lost in the mix.  Every building space and apartment detail has been hand selected to marry modern comforts with the charm of Athens. 
We are the anti-one-size-fits-all.
Our boutique community is designed to be walking distance to both class and charming downtown Athens.  We are committed to providing each and every resident the very best Bulldog experience possible.   We provide freedom and refuge from the chaotic day-to-day of academia. We offer our residents a chance to unwind, escape and live life to the fullest.
With on-site parking, an outdoor terrace, and a fitness center with fitness on demand and a yoga studio, Uncommon provides students with a getaway just minutes from the university. We strive to make sure our residents succeed academically, socially, and professionally in a safe and reliable environment.
So find yourself, find new friends and find a fresh perspective.
Be Uncommon.

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