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Enjoy a Warm Athens Welcome With 5 Quirky Sights You Can Only See Here


Whether you’re heading back to campus this fall or putting down roots in Athens, Georgia, for the first time – we can’t wait to show you a warm welcome the way only Athens can. For your tour around town, make sure to stop at these five quirky sights near UNCOMMON Athens and soak up the local flavor!

Ever Met a Tree That Owns Itself?

Now is your chance! Athens is home to a locally famous white oak tree, sometimes called the Jackson Oak. Its ownership was deeded to… itself. You can pay a visit to The Tree That Owns Itself at the corner of Dearing Street and South Finley Street. When you go, beware of trespassing; the tree also owns the land within 8 feet of its base.

Want to See a Double-Barreled Cannon?

You’ve come to the right place. Visiting the only historic double-barreled cannon in existence outside of City Hall is one of the quintessential things to do in Athens. This unique and unusual relic from the Civil War is enjoying a much more successful chapter as a local landmark than it ever did as a weapon.

More Bugs, Please

If you’re an arthropod aficionado, check out the University of Georgia Collection of Arthropods at the Georgia Museum of Natural History to see all the antennae, wings, and mandibles you can handle. As the official state repository of insects and non-marine arthropods, the collection features about 1.3 million pinned specimens. The museum – located on the University of Georgia campus – is closed this summer but plans to open with a brand-new exhibit this fall.

What’s That Story About a Modern Art Sculpture in a Cornfield?

For a little bit of a drive down to Watkinsville along Georgia 15, you can see a slice of local history in the shape of a 12-foot iron horse. Artist Abbott Pattison created Pegasus Without Wings for the University of Georgia in 1954. Though the sculpture received a less-than-enthusiastic response when it was first presented, the iron horse has earned a distinguished place as a landmark for students and locals.

Take a Picture With Veggies While Eating Delicious Veggies

A short walk from UNCOMMON, Last Resort Grill in downtown Athens serves up Southern cuisine with a Southwestern flair and hosts one of the best brunches in town. Snap a selfie at their locally famous, Instagram-worthy veggie mural while you’re there.

No doubt you’ll find plenty of unique things to see and do around town. Make sure to check out the UNCOMMON Athens neighborhood page for more fun ways to explore Athens.


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